Singer songwriter Zeebee most recently shone as "chief chanteuse" on the influential and commercially successful album "Ballroom Stories" by Viennese producer Klaus Waldeck. With "Be My Sailor" she now releases her third solo album. Her new work radiates an almost eerie calm, both powerful and mature. With her remarkably multifaceted vocals, Zeebee - already billed by critics as Billy Holiday 2.0 - skillfully sails the musical waves of Waldeck's perfectly sculpted Ocean of Sound. Text and music glide along gently, and yet, something irritates, disturbs.
Too late the audience notices that something has been brewing beneath the surface all along. Zeebee is calling out to us. It gets under your skin. Love, pain, jealousy, pornography, war, change and loss of identity - Zeebee shows us how vulnerable she is. And this precisely is her strength. Not to worry: we will not sink into a sea of despondency. Courtesy not least of the finishing touches producer Waldeck has applied to the musical narrative, catchy tunes like "Jealous" and "In Peace We Live" will leave an indelible imprint on the musical memory of the listener. Dubby arrangements shake hands with a whiff of Twin Peaks. And by the end of the album there is even a hint of The Blues. With "Be My Sailor", you can safely leave your coffee to go in its paper cup - or else you might choke on this powerful piece of music.

The album "Be My Sailor" & the single "In Peace We Live" - written and performed by zeebee, Klaus Waldeck,...

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