The Underdog Project is a House music band which launched its first album - It Doesn't Matter - in 2001. Its hits include "Saturday" (Not to be confused with Saturday night, this was not released until two year after the album had come out.), "Summer Jam" and "Tonight".

The band has three members: Vic Krishna (vocals), DJ Frank (remixes) and AJ Duncan (keyboards).

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[edit] Origin
The band was formed when Vic Krishna was visiting Germany and had a jam session with Canadian singer Craig Smart and the production team of ToneDef and Triple S. It went well, so they started recording - mostly demo tapes, but also full-fledged tracks. When there was enough material for an album, It Doesn't Matter was the end result. Their song "Remember" was sampled in the Akon hit "Right Now Na Na Na".

[edit] "Summer Jam"
The band's most popular track, "Summer Jam" was one of the biggest pop hits in Europe. At one point, it was on the rotation list of every pop radio station in Germany. It also received much attention in the UK and U.S.

"Summer Jam" reached a high of # 2 on the German pop charts. MTV Germany and VIVA both supported the video, adding even more exposure. The biggest dance radio station in New York City, WKTU, also expressed support for the record and added it to their playlist, as well as market leader Power 96 in Miami.

In addition to the original set of mixes, new mixes of the song have been completed by various remixers to enhance the record's appeal to a wider variety of club DJs. Most notable is the Dance Movement Extended Mix done by Nitelite Record's Max Maroldo. The record became a Top 20 pop hit in Italy. Other new mixes include a 2-Step version - DJ Wickel's 2-Step Mix, a Dutch trance version - Greenfields Pancake Jam, and progressive house versions - Free Heads Club Mix & Free Heads Dub.

[edit] Discography
[edit] Studio albums
Year Album details Peak chart positions
2000 It Doesn't Matter
Released date: November 20, 2000
Label: Radikal Records
2 3

[edit] Singles
2000 "Summer Jam"
2000 "Tonight"
2001 "I Can't Handle It"
2002 "Saturday Night"
2003 "Summer Jam" (2003 remixes vs The Sun Club)
2003 "Winter Jam"
2003 "Saturday Night" (2003 remixes)
2004 "Remember"
2006 "Girls of Summer"
2007 "Miami"
2007 "Unbelievable"
2010 "Summer Jam" (2010 Eric Chase Edit)
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