Композиция вошла в сборник «The Magic Of Mantovani» в 2010 году

And I Love You So The Mantovani Orchestra

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Песня «And I Love You So» играла недавно на радиостанции «ВЕРА».

Всего за последний месяц она прозвучала на 1 радиостации в Москве 14 раз.

Композиция играет эксклюзивно только на радио «ВЕРА».


В большинстве случаев песню можно услышать на радио ночью.

Горячая ротация Статистика появления песни «And I Love You So» в «Топ-100» радиостанций на прошлой неделе


100.9 FM

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По сравнению с прошлой неделей повторы музыкальной композиции в эфире радио «ВЕРА» увеличились. Она максимально поднималась до 4 места в Хит-параде радио «ВЕРА». Непрерывно играет в эфире 58 недель подряд. Всего на прошлой неделе прозвучала на этой радиостанции 3 раза. Сегодня песня «And I Love You So» исполнителя «The Mantovani Orchestra» занимает 26 место в «Топ-100 синглов» радиостанции «ВЕРА».

Текст песни The Mantovani Orchestra — And I Love You So

"And I Love You So" is a popular song written by Don McLean and released on his 1970 debut album, Tapestry. The song has been recorded by many artists in the years since McLean's original version, and it was a 1973 hit for singer Perry Como on his album of the same name, And I Love You So.

Como's version of the song reached number 29 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, the last of his many popular recordings to reach the Top 40. It also spent one week at number one on the easy listening chart in 1973. In Britain, the record reached number three on the UK Singles Chart in 1973 on RCA Records and remained on the chart for 31 weeks (longer than any other of his hits in the UK).

Other recordings

The song was recorded by Elvis Presley at RCA studio C in Hollywood, California, on March 11, 1975. It was released on his album, Elvis Today, and Presley used it in almost every live show until his death. Harry Connick, Jr. included the song on his 2009 album, Your Songs. Other performers who have recorded the song include Rick Astley, Shirley Bassey, Glen Campbell, Bobby Goldsboro, Tom T. Hall, Emmylou Harris, Engelbert Humperdink, Howard Keel, Johnny Mathis, Nana Mouskouri, Jim Nabors, Helen Reddy, and Bobby Vinton.

A Filipino film starring Bea Alonzo, Sam Milby and Derek Ramsay with the same name used the song on its official soundtrack.

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