In 1982 Jon Marsh was playing drums for Twelve of August. He met Stephen Warrington when he joined Twelve of August as an additional guitarist (other members were Steve Seale (Barrington) and John Seale). When Twelve of August split Jon and Stephen formed Journey Through.
[edit] Initial indie success

Jon Marsh and Steve Waddington following the break up off the band Twelve of August formed the core of a band named Journey Through (the name taken from a line of the song 'Heaven in Love', written by Steve Seale and Jo Caney). The pair were joined by Tim Havard. When Guy Gausden later joined the band, the group changed their name to The Beloved. The band originally had a guitar-oriented sound, but soon began using drum machines and dance music elements. They sounded at times like post-punk/dance group New Order, and a summation of this stage of their career can be found on their first studio album, Where It Is, which is a compilation of previously released material, consisting of singles and related B-Sides, pressed onto one individual long playing work. The record includes all the early singles, "A Hundred Words", "This Means War". "Happy Now", and the double A-side "Surprise Me" / "Forever Dancing", all released between 1986 and 1987, all on Where It Is, all making the Top 30 in the UK Indie Chart, and all failing in the UK Top 75.
[edit] Early United Kingdom hits

After slimming down to a duo consisting of Marsh and Waddington only, The Beloved began to embrace a dance...

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