Tape Five, a multi-national nu-jazz act based in Germany, will touch you all over. It will become the soundtrack to a movie in your head. Conjured images of rumpled linen, big bands, the Las Vegas Flamingo Hotel sign in the 60’s and 007.

You can’t talk about Tape Five without talking about Martin Strathausen. Martin is the creator, producer, promoter, and a musician of the group. He breathed life into Tape Five by digging up a track called “Avenue du Gare”, and building an album around that story. “After some strange adventures, the album Swingfood Mood was released in 2006,” says Martin. Bossa for a Coup was released in 2007 and 2008 saw the re-release of the 2nd Edition of Swingfood Mood. “First we only wanted to re-press Swingfood Mood because it was sold out. But I The concept was to sit on your sofa and let the film in your head beginthought if it was going to go out into the world again, why not make a new pack. So I put four remixes on it, and remixed all tracks. Then there is our new single the cover to the Bond theme “View to a Kill in a swing style”.
“Tape Five is an expression of the music in my head,” says Martin. “I’m very happy that my ideas are going around the world, thanks for that.”
A revolving roster of musicians contribute what Martin cannot, to the jazzy-retro, bossa-swing, lounge sound, that has left its’ mark on over 80 compilations heard all over the world. Albums like Café del Mar, Jazz Lounge 3, Cigar Lounge 5, to single out a few.


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