Sweetbox is a Los Angeles based pop music project formed in 1995 by executive producer Heiko Schmidt and music producer Roberto "Geo" Rosan.

Origin Germany
Genres Pop, R&B, Dance, Rap, Classical
Years active 1995 - Present
Jamie Pineda (2007 - present)
Former members
Kimberley Kearney (1995)
Dacia Bridges (1995-1996)
Tina Harris (1997-1999)
Jade Villalon (2000-2007)

Although the project released four singles in the mid 90's with the first two singers Kimberley Kearney and Dacia Bridges, worldwide success came with the third front woman Tina Harris. Everything's Gonna Be Alright was released in 1997 and started a theme which the project would become famous for - the fusion of classical music and pop music.

After two years with the project, Tina Harris departed after feeling burnt out as a team. Jade Villalon would replace her as the fourth vocalist and capture more success with 5 studio albums and numerous #1 singles throughout Asia and Europe. After nearly 6 years with the project, Jade Villalon and Geo left the project to pursue music under the names Jade Valerie and Eternity∞.

In August 2007, Jamie Pineda became the new singer of Sweetbox. The singer/songwriter released her first studio album with the help of producer Derek Bramble in June 2009 after working on the album for almost two years. The project has continued to see major success throughout Europe and Asia.

[edit] Beginnings

In 1995 Sweetbox was founded as a music project from German executive...

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