The Quantic Soul Orchestra is a live band project of musician and DJ, Will Holland. Holland has recorded under several names, most notably Quantic. The band's lineup changes from album to album, with sometime members including Holland's sister, saxophonist Lucy Holland, his Limp Twins collaborator Russ Porter and Hardkandy member Simon Little. Will Holland plays guitar and bass, and performs some of the percussion. Their music focuses on reviving a dirty funk and jazz sound. They are signed to the Tru Thoughts label and have released three albums to date as well as a collaborative album with renowned funk and soul artist Spanky Wilson. Their latest album, Tropidélico was recorded in Colombia, where Holland is now based.



* Stampede (Tru Thoughts, 2003)
* Pushin' On (Tru Thoughts, 2005)
* I'm Thankful with Spanky Wilson, (Tru Thoughts, 2006
* Tropidélico (Tru Thoughts, 2007)


* Super 8 (7", Tru Thoughts, 2001)
* Assassin (7", Tru Thoughts, 2002)
* Babarabatiri / The Conspirator (7", Tru Thoughts, 2003)
* Pushin' On (7", Tru Thoughts, 2003)
* Stampede Remix EP (12", Tru Thoughts, 2003)
* Hold On Tight (7", Tru Thoughts, 2005)
* End Of The Road / San Sebastian Strut (7", Tru Thoughts, 2006)
* I'm Thankful (Part 1) / Don't Joke With A Hungry Man (Part 3) (7", Tru Thoughts, 2006)
* She Said What? (12", Tru Thoughts, 2007)


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