Plazma Jump In My Car

Текст песни

t's time for something new
And now the wind of freedom directs me
I'm speeding up my BMW
And now that tongues of whirlwinds caress me
You've burst into the view
Just like an angel flying
I'm blocking your way, babe
I know you're the one

Girl, jump in my car
And let ecstatic music sound loudly
Girl, jump in my car
We're gonna leave them all behind proudly
Hey now, let's find our way out
At breakneck speed we'll ride
I feel your body's flame now
Let's find our way out
You'd better hold on tight
I feel your body's flame

We'll drive right to the end
I haven't felt so long such elation
I'm satisfied with just the way I am
My heart requires acceleration
...You've burst into my plan
I'm leaving the engine running
Stopping for one kiss
And sweetest embrace

Come on baby face the wind
You could cut it with a knife
Let our joyride go on
'Cause the shortest thing's life....

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