Modern Talking In Shaire

Текст песни

Youre hunting me
In the night and in your fantasy
Its the sign of the gypsy queen
An endless dream
Youre hunting me
I feel the need
I never felt love so deep
Love is so dangerous, mysterious
I try to win, baby

Oh, in Shaire
You wont have my love for free
You are selling frozen tears
A journey to my heart and fears in Shaire
In Shaire you will play a game with me
You are stealing memories
My heartbeat is a loving beat in Shaire

In Shaire you try
Breaking the rules - Make white doves cry
In Shaire I know
All your love will come and go
When I say you will take all my feelings away
In Shaire

Youre hunting me
Winning games of the night I see
Loving you such is such a thrill
You make me feel
Youre hunting me
Youre holding me
Im lost in a lonely sea
And behind your painted smile
Youre a child
Try to win, baby

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