Louis Armstrong Mack The Knife

Текст песни

Oh, the shark, has, pretty teeth, dear....and he shows them, pearly white
Just a jackknife, has macheath, yeah.....and he keeps it, out of sight
When the shark bites, with his teeth, dear....scarlet billows start to spread
Fancy gloves, though, wears macheath, yeah..so theres not a trace, hmmmm of red

On the sidewalk...sunday morning, ...lies a body oozin life
Someones sneakin round the corner...is the someone, mack the knife?

From a tugboat.... by the river..... a cement bags, droopin down
Yeah, the cements just for the weight, dear...bet you mack, hes back in town
Looky here louie miller, disappeared dear...after drawing, out his cash
And macheath spends, like a sailor...did our boy do, somethin rash?

Sukey tawdry, jenny diver..lotte lenya, sweet lucy brown
Oh, the line forms on the right, dears.....now that mackys back in town

Take it satch


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