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Drunk girls (x4)

Drunk girls cause a couple of heart attacks
Drunk girls are unusually mild
Drunk boys keep in pace with the pedophiles
Drunk girls are boringly wild

Drunk girls get invitations from nations
They got the patience of a million saints
They steal, they steal from the cupboards
Drunk girls like to file complaints

Drunk girls are like a night of simplicity
They need a lover who is smarter than me
Drunk boys, we walk like pedestrians
Drunk girls wait an hour to pee

Drunk girls know that love is an astronaut
It comes back, but it's never the same
Drunk boys, drunk boys, drunk boys, drunk boys
Drunk girls can be just as insane

Oh oh oh
I believe in waking up together
So oh oh
That means making eyes across the room

Just 'cause I'm shallow doesn't mean that I'm heartless
Just 'cause I'm heartless doesn't mean that I'm mean
Sometimes love gives us too many options
Just 'cause you're hungry doesn't mean that you're lean

I've heard lies that could curdle your heartstrings
A couple truths, maybe burn out your eyes
Drunk boys leave their irons in the fireplace
'Cause drunk girls give them too many tries

Drunk girls, drunk girls, drunk girls, drunk girls...

Oh oh oh
I believe in waking up together
Oh oh oh
I believe I'm waking up, but no promises
Oh oh oh
I believe in waiting out the weather
Oh oh oh
I believe in making up

The day becomes the night (x4)
Honestly, honestly, honestly
Unless it hurts, why do it?
Hey, hey, hey, hey!

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