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Jeff Lorber (born November 4, 1952 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American Grammy Award-nominated keyboardist, composer, and record producer.

After leading his own group, The Jeff Lorber Fusion, he went on to pioneer the smooth jazz genre in his solo career.

Many of his songs were featured on The Weather Channel's Local On The 8s segments, including appearances on the channel's compilation albums, The Weather Channel Presents: The Best of Smooth Jazz and The Weather Channel Presents: Smooth Jazz II.

In February, it was announced Jeff Lorber signed with Peak Records. Lorber's first CD for his new label is expected to hit the street on Tuesday, June 10.

He was also nominated for a Grammy for his 2007 Blue Note Records release titled, "He Had A Hat."


Studio albums (The Jeff Lorber Fusion)

* The Jeff Lorber Fusion (1977, Inner City)
* Soft Space (1978, Inner City)
* Water Sign (1979, Arista)
* Wizard Island (1980, Arista)
* Galaxian (1981, Arista)

Studio albums (solo career)

* It's a Fact (1982, Arista)
* In the Heat of the Night (1984, Arista)
* Lift Off (1984, Arista)
* Step by Step (1984, Arista)
* Private Passion (1986, Warner Bros.)
* Worth Waiting For (1991, Verve Forecast)
* West Side Stories (1994, Verve Forecast)
* State of Grace (1994, Verve Forecast)
* Midnight (1998, Zebra)
* Kickin' It (2001, Samson)
* Philly Style (2003,...

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