Jack Johnson All At Once

Текст песни

ll at once the world can overwhelm me
There's almost nothin' that you could tell me
That could ease my mind

Which way will you run
When it's always all around you?
And the feelin' lost and found you again
A feelin'that we have no control

Around a sun, some say
There's gonna be a new hell, some say
It's too early to tell, some say
It really ain't no myth at all

Keep askin' ourselves, are we really strong enough?
There's so many things that we got too proud of
We're too proud of
We're too proud of

I wanna take the preconceived out from underneath your feet
We could shake it off and instead we'll plant some seeds
We'll watch 'em as they grow and with each new beat
From your heart the roots grow deeper

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