Baltimora was an Italian New Wave dance outfit active in the mid to late 1980s. Jimmy McShane, from Northern Ireland, was the frontman for the project. The vocals, however, were not produced by McShane, instead they were done by Baltimora's producer Maurizio Bassi who sang all of the lead vocals. Both the music and the lyrics of Baltimora were written mostly by Bassi and Naimy Hackett, although McShane wrote the lyrics to "Survivor In Love." Baltimora is often considered a one-hit wonder due to the success they experienced with their first single "Tarzan Boy" only.

Early years
In early 1984, Maurizio Bassi, a music producer and musician for a few acts in Italy, was in search of a new project. He came across the flamboyant Jimmy McShane (May 23rd 1957 - March 29th 1995), an EMT for the Red Cross (in Ireland), known as 'Ruby' in the gay community, and had him do the lead vocals and frontman act, due to his appearance/style and great dancing. Jimmy is noted for having multiple hair styles and his big red rimmed glasses. He also recruited other musicians to record the tracks which would eventually appear on Living in the Background and Survivor in Love.

"Tarzan Boy," released in the summer of 1985, was a huge success, debuting in the top five of the Italian single chart as well as in some other European countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, France, The Netherlands and Norway. Soon afterwards Baltimora found similar success in the United Kingdom with...

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