SunStroke Projectis a club project in which are combined a violin, a saxophone and a vocalen closed on house rhythms. Today it is the most demanded and fashionable project in Moldova presenting dance music.
The group which exists several years became very popular in Europe and gave many concerts in such countries as Moldova, Norway, Belgium, Turkey, Cyprus, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Romania. Italy and more…

The group acted with such well known actors as Yves la rock, DJ Tiesto, Lexter, Fragma, Mishelle Schellers.
Together with a young singer Olia Tira, SunStroke Project presented Moldova on Eurovision ' 10 in Oslo. They were the first to perform and opened this great event.

It is possible to see the performance from the Eurovision here:

The bright performance of the project was noticed by many well known and famous journalists and experts in the field of music.
The interview to BBC journalist, legendary Seva Novgorodtsev, is possible to listen here:

The song became a hit in many countries, having reached, for example, the7th line of the Norwegian chart and having held on there for 3 weeks.

The number of viewings of the track "RanAway" on a popular hosting youtube has passed over 15million.
The demo version on this song, on the eurovision’s...

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