Plan B Stay Too Long (Pendulum Remix)

Текст песни

I know what's to come
Am I feeling happy now?
I know when I'm drunk
In ways I know it always lets me down

Cos I always stay too long
Long enough for something to go wrong

I got my girlfriend ringing me,belling me up
I know I should probably answer but I just can't be fucked
I got my peeps standing with me and I'm having a blast
Im feeling so fucking good right now I want it to last
So I put my phone on silent and I refill my glass
The music so fucking banging feel like I wanna dance
I'm at the bar and I see this chick checking me out
From afar yes she wants my dick, there ain't a doubt
She's got a skirt so short make you drool from the mouth
Looking my way as if to say I'm in with a shout
So I pull a chair up and near and buy her a drink
She says cheers I says yeah our glasses go clink
Now I'm being bad, in a cab, groping this girl
Once the cab is paid we make our way up to the hotel
Now I'm in a lift, getting lips, how dumb is this girl
But do I care? do I fuck!

I'm on a roll! Yo!

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