Passenger 10 - проект, созданный Chris Reece, более известен как Dinka (aka Christian Hirt), выпускается на лейбле Unreleased Digital, владельцем которого является Christian Hirt.

Обращение Christian Hirt к меломанам, т.е. к нам :)

суббота, июля 26, 2008
My dearest summer mates
Hope this finds you all well.

It's summer time, midsummer here, everybody's away. But I'm still here working and so I've developed a new project. Made a track that sounds like more into Tech House style but with some strong cluby chords in it. I called the project PASSENGER 10. Just for me to imagine I would be one of them who's enjoying his holidays right now. Makes me feel like on a trip to nowhere. ;-)
I'm the Passenger No. 10 even if I still rest here in studio. Hope it was worth that. Take a short listen to the mixes by clicking the pic below:
Thanks again for your strong support in the past few months. I'm so gratefull. Makes me strong and so I'm working even harder to put out more tunes for you to play.
Speak soon and enjoy your weekend


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