Lionel Richie (Лайонел Ричи) Tender Heart

Текст песни

Every night and every day my heart feels the pain
I wake up to the thought of you and I call your name
No one ever made me feel the way you do
Nothing in this world I wouldn't do for you
But now I've got to let go

We don't stand a chance
In this wild romance,my tender heart
Maybe it's wiser to walk away and love again
With my tender heart.
We don't stand a chance
In this wild romance,oh it hurts so bad
Knowing that,i'm not the one you want
I can't hold on to my tender heart.

I never thought I'd be the one who would play the fool
But I know love can feel so good and can be so cruel
It's clear to me the writing is on the wall
It's clear to me that you don't really love me at all
And I can't go on this way

We don't..........heart

I'm standing at the door
Don't need this hurt no more
I'm crying out in vain
'Cause you don't feel my pain

Maybe it was always going to be this way
Maybe I'll look back understand some day
But now I've got to say

we don't.........heart
My tender heart

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