Karrin Allyson O Barquinho (My Little Boat)

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O Barquinho (Little Boat)
Roberto Menescal & Ronaldo Bôscoli
English lyrics: Buddy Kaye – Singer on this video: Karrin Allyson

Dia de luz, festa de sol
E um barquinho a deslizar
No macio azul do mar
Tudo é verão e o amor se faz
Num barquinho pelo mar
Que desliza sem parar...
Sem intenção, nossa canção
Vai saindo desse mar e o sol
Beija o barco e luz
Dias tão azuis
Volta do mar, desmaia o sol
E o barquinho a deslizar
E a vontade é de cantar
Céu tão azul, ilhas do sul
E o barquinho é o coração
Deslizando na canção
Tudo isso é paz, tudo isso traz
Uma calma de verão
E então
O barquinho vai, a tardinha cai
O barquinho vai, a tardinha cai

My little boat is like a note
Bouncing merrily along
Hear it splashing up a song
The sails of white
The sky is bright
Heading out into the blue
With a crew of only two
Where we could share
Love's salty air
On a little paradise that's afloat
Not a care have we
In my little boat

The wind is still
We feel the thrill
Of a voyage heaven-bound
Though we only drift around
Warmed by the sun
Two hearts as one
Beating with enchanted bliss
Something* in each other's kiss

When daylight ends and slyly sends
Little stars that twinkle brightly above
It's good bye to my little boat of love
Good bye little boat
Good bye little boat

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