Джон Барри (англ. John Barry), Офицер (OBE) (урожд. Джон Барри Прендергаст; 3 ноября 1933, Йорк, Англия — 31 января 2011, Глен-Коув, штат Нью-Йорк, США) — известный английский композитор, автор музыки к фильмам, обладатель наград «Золотой глобус» и BAFTA, пятикратный лауреат премии «Оскар». Наиболее известен авторством музыки к 11 фильмам о Джеймсе Бонде.

John Barry is a film music legend responsible for much of the best loved film and television music of the post-war era. Best known for his exciting music for the James Bond films, he has written music for over a hundred movies including sixties classics, musicals, historical dramas, wartime dramas, film noir revivals, biopics, modern romances and literary adaptations. More than a few of his scores are seminal classics. A large number of the rest are renowned as superior and almost all are interesting to one level or another. Barry has won five academy awards and numerous other prizes during his forty years as a mainstay of the film music industry.
Дата рождения: 03.11.1935

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