Bob Sinclar (Боб Синклер) La La Song (Tocadisco Remix)

Текст песни

Oh Yeah
What's up world?
It's Master Gee and Sugar Hill Gang, Wonder Mike and (...) bob sinclar let's do it
Lalalala lalala lala
Lalalala lalala lalalalalala
Master Gee: Back, back, back in the day when the djs spoile on night

When the party fun, the mc's come drop and test the mic (wonder mike: oh yeah)

Don't need to worry, don't need to hurry, don't ... just for you.

People...and laughing, breaking and rocking, stopping.

Come on, yo, get on the floor, we gonna take you back, make you...for more. an old school party, like an old school party no stop.

So favourite...and let me rock all night. Now throw your hands up in the air, averybody say: oh yea!
1, 2, 3, 4, mr's honor birth on the Master Gee show.

Once upon a time not long ago, when there are no rock stars on the tv shows. No movie deal, commercions...
In that did it second for the money, first for the heart.

Wonder Mike: Yes, yes yo! it's wonder mike and I like to rock the hell

...unfinished, sorry ;-)

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