Blue Swede Hooked On A Feeling

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"Hooked on a Feeling" is a 1968 pop song written by Mark James originally performed by B. J. Thomas. Featuring the sound of the electric sitar, the song reached number five in 1969 on the Billboard Hot 100. This then had two successful covers. In 1971, Jonathan King produced his own version, adding ooka shaka jungle chants similar to, but not exactly the same as, Johnny Preston's "Running Bear." King described it as "a reggae rhythm by male voices." His version was a Top 30 hit throughout Europe.[citation needed]

In 1974 the Swedish pop group Blue Swede with Björn Skifs as lead singer did a cover, with the "ooka shaka" introduction. Their version reached number one in the United States and was revived on the Reservoir Dogs soundtrack in 1992. In 1975, this version was subject to some minor controversy when Wilson Bryan Key, in his book Subliminal Seduction, claimed the words "ooka shaka" are changed to the phrase "who got sucked off" at 0:31 into the song.

It was covered again in 1997 by David Hasselhoff.

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