Billy Idol Cradle Of Love

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Well rock the cradle of love
Rock the cradle of love
Yes the cradle of love
Don't rock easily it's true


It burned like a ball on fire
When the rebel took a little child bride
To tease yeah so go easy yeah oh

Cause love cuts a million ways
Shakes the devil when he misbrhaves
I ain't nobodys fool c'mon'n
Shake it up whatever I do

Well rock the cradle...

I was sent from heaven above
To rob the cradle of love
Yes the pages of love
Don't talk decently it's true

Flesh for your romeo
Baby I hear you moan
It's easy y'know how to please me

Cause love starts my rollin train
You can't stop it ain't in vain
I ain't nobody's fool
Shake it up whatever I do

These are the wages of love
I know rock the cradle yeah
Yeah rock the cradle
Yeah yeah yeah
Shock 'em baby How ya doin friend

Well it burned like a ball...

Well rock the cradle...

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