Baccara Cara Mia

Текст песни

Take a man, who´s warm and gentle
Confidential, sentimental.
That´s the guy who´ll open up
Your diamond eyes.

He will be there when you´re cryin´,
Bravely tryin´, self denyin´.
He can wipe the tears from your
Sweet diamond eyes.

Cara Mia mine, the stars are gonna shine forever.
Cara Mia mine, the moon is lookin´ down on you.
Lend your heart, beg, steal or borrow,
Lend your heart again tomorrow,
Cara Mia, why should diamond eyes be blue.

Lady fair, your sigh´s infection
And he´s wishin´ for nights of passion.
Look around and see the world
Through diamond eyes.
Love´s the game, it´s in your favour
It´s got the flavour, for modern behaviour
Take the cards and deal the hand
With diamond eyes.

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