Arnica Montana's debut album, "Sensations 1", is a collection of beautiful 'chill pop' songs around the theme of the Mediterranean sea, land and life. The warm and crystalline voice of Sarah Warwick (ex Sarah Washington) and the sensual guitars of Christophe Goze, the two guest artists on this album, help fine-tune its description as ‘Balearic Pop’. Out now in France Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria. Coming soon in the UK, Australia and other territories... Arnica Montana can be heard on more than 25 compilations to date, for labels such as Cafe Del Mar, Globe, Pschent/Wagram, Metropol, PIAS, NEWS, Water Music Records, Transient, Vox Terrae, Bar De Lune and more... Some reviews >>> - “… and the latin libido of ARNICA MONTANA being the highlights” DJ Magazine - “ARNICA MONTANA's two offerings, 'Eau De Malte' and 'Sol Del Sur', are a pair of outer space stormers, this really is very high class chill out” The - “Beautiful classic Balearic ambient grooves” DJ/Producer Ibizarre. Arnica Montana's music incorporates the groundbreaking Bio Music 6 in 1 wellness process, the re-balancing frequencies of which help enhance the well-being of people animals and plants as well as the biotic quality of air and water.

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