Ольга Кормухина Boys Don't Cry (Дуэт С Алексеем Беловым)

Текст песни

It's gonna be another beautiful day
Coming up your way
And if you're ready by now
What else to say
The crowds hey like a volcano crater
They're here just to see a gladiator
Some thumbsare up some looking down
You going faster round after round
You might not win, but you have tried
Now you gotta show why boys don't cry.

Boys can you bring the noise
Look in my eye
Boys do you have the choice
Boys never cry

You gotta make it to the end of play
Any possible way
And if you lose control
You gonna get your pay
You ain't gonna foolin, you've gone too far
You got to make it and you need recoolin
The final take, for your own sake
You better make it like a piece of cake
Your mind got fried, your eyes got dried
Now you gotta tell me why boys don't cry.

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